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Our client, Brian Kane, approached Redline again with a new art installation project, following our previous successful collaboration on the Waiting project.

This new project is a custom build of biometrics hardware, software, PC hardware, a custom case, and some creativity.

The concept is one of a mysterious electronic painting that is hung as a typical piece of art. In the corner of the frame is a fingerprint reader. As you approach, the LCD that displays this painting is blank except for a small image that suggests that you touch the fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader will scan your fingerprint and determine if you are permitted access to view the painting. Based on the scan result, the viewer will see the painting along with a pleasant tone granting access or an access denied message with an error tone.

This was a fun and challenging project for a collaboration. The artist delivered the concept, and Redline delivered the technical skills to integrate the devices, software, and application visuals.

Custom software to work with the fingerprint drivers was necessary which was a large part of the project's initial proof-of-concept work. After the fingerprint reader controller code was developed, the rest of the application was built to control the visuals. The work was done in Java and also Linux shell scripts for integration and customization with external utility apps. The base unit is powered via Ubuntu Linux.


  • LCD display linked via HDMI to a small notebook PC running Ubunu Linux.
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner to scan fingerprints and identify individuals in real time.
  • Custom Java code to control the application output based on the fingerprint analysis.
  • Internal database to capture and store identify results.
  • External programming API via shell script integration for easy customization.
  • Wooden custom case to conceal the nature of the piece.




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