• Design & Planning

    To ensure that your product has a solid foundation for features, functionality, and usability, we offer technical project planning and product design services. 

    For example, we help our clients with:

    • determining which features are most essential for an initial launch
    • creating a strategic product roadmap
    • suggestions on the best technology architecture for their products
    • designing an effective and pleasing user interface
    • designing for multiple platforms, such as mobile, web, and desktop experiences
    • branding and graphic design

    When using our product development services, we begin with laying out a schedule for design, development, release.  This gives clients a clear picture on total cost and when they can expect to launch, advertise, and market their products. 

    After the planning phase, we begin the design phase.  During this period, we create the product visuals and user interface so that clients can see what the final result will be before the product development begins.  This is crucial since to give what a client wants in the end, we always request their feedback and approval before moving forward.

    Our tool set includes BaseCamp and Redmine for effective project management and communication, and our design teams with the latest Adobe Creative Suite tools (PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash).

  • Development & Coding

    Development and coding can be a complex puzzle of technologies, programming languages, and other knowledge that must be applied to make a product work well.  We solve this puzzle for our clients and do all the heavy programming.  We deal with website security issues, making certain applications do not crash on a user's new mobile device, or and website work on all web browsers (including Internet Explorer).

    We know how to code.  Well.  We love technology and we eat code for breakfast.  We bring these passions to you in our development services.

    For example, we offer these development services:

    • C++, Java, PHP, Objective C language coding 
    • iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile app and game development
    • Open source web platforms and frameworks based on Java Tomcat, JSP, Groovy, CodeIgnitor 
    • Scalable architectures using memcached, NoSQL and SQL databases
    • Custom web application development with HTML5, JavaScript, CSS
    • Custom CMS development using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete 5 and others
    • Service and API integration using SalesForce, Facebook, Twitter, and others
    • Game programming in Adobe Flash and ActionScript

    We believe solid well written code makes for successful maintainable products.   Working with us, a client receives their product code in a maintainable package.  With other vendors, you may get code documented in a foreign language, with poor quality and development standards.  

    Need the programming talent?  Contact us today and we can help.

  • Release & Support

    Getting your product to market is the last leg the journey for client ideas and concepts.  We ensure that this journey is smooth sailing.

    We consult and work with clients to deploy their websites on top tier cloud hosting providers.  We manage the mobile application submission process for clients who want to develop mobile applications.  

    We involve our clients in constant feedback to make sure that they get the product that they expect.  We perform quality assurance tests during the development process, track and fix bugs before a final launch date.

    After a final release, we work with our clients to manage user feedback and improve the products over time with new features and ideas.

    Check out our portfolio for more details on completed work.

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